VOLLeyball clinics

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Beginner/Level 14U 

Thursday, December 14th

Designed for players who want to play volleyball and are just being introduced to the sport. Our staff will teach beginners the fundamental skills of volleyball in a fun, interactive and positive environment. 

The goal is to provide beginners with basic volleyball skills, a better understanding of team concepts, and a real love for the game. The focus will be on teaching proper technique, form and footwork so that they are able to build on these skills as they progress to higher levels of competition.

  • 2 Court Clinic with players being grouped by skill level

Advanced/JV & Varsity 

Sunday, December 17th

Designed for intermediate and advanced players. In addition to sharpening basic skills, intermediate players will explore team concepts, offensive and defensive positioning; and transitioning on and off the net.  Advanced players focus on skill specific or position specific training (serving, setting, blocking, hitting-OH/MH/RS, passing-DS/L)

In addition to physical fitness training, our Intermediate Volleyball Development classes will provide intensive training with a heavy focus on proper form and footwork.  Advanced players will further develop their offensive/defensive tactics and strategies.

Players will have the opportunity to apply the skills they are working on each class during half- and full-court scrimmages. 

  • 2 Court Clinic with players being grouped by skill level